Welcoming A Loved One Home

Welcoming A Loved One Home

We maybe having one of our family members living in another country. Long distance relationships are hard no matter whether it is your spouse, lover or parent. We use technology to get in touch with them regularly. But there is only so much even a video call can do. Nothing beats having family around you than far away. So when they decide to come home it is important that you make them feel welcome. Here are a few things that you can do to welcome a loved one home.

You obviously know the date, unless they are planning a surprise visit in which case there is nothing you can do. Keep the date free. Get a day off from work. It is not everyday you get to be around them. Plan ahead. A welcome home party is a custom that many houses hold. This can be a surprise party based on what he/she likes.

One of the most important things to do would be to arrange a reliable airport transfers. They would like to see you at the airport to welcome them. For this you can get the details of a transport service online. You can even get a quote from them then and there. Contact them before hand and inform them about the time and the date. They will arrive on time and not a minute late. If you plan on going to the airport as well ask them to come to your place first.

The ideal way would be to arrange the airport transfers to the airport itself. This way you can take care of the party arrangements at home. The transfer service will pick him/her up from the airport and drop you to your place safely. Work on the welcome decorations as well. Make custom decorations according what they have been doing abroad to make things interesting. If there isn’t going to be a party you can indulge them in their favourite meal that they have been longing.

If there is going to be a party decide on the guest list. Try to get the help of other family members without doing it alone. Give some thought to it whether they’ll really like it or not. They are likely to be a lot tired and may be in need of a little relaxing. Forcing a welcome home party may not be a good idea. In other options you can just arrange some alone time for the two of you if it is your spouse or lover. These are some things that can be done when welcoming a loved one home.